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AmericaDirectBook.com was incorporated in 2000 in New York specializing in on-demand publishing. The initial focus was on astrology partnering with Susan Miller, one of the foremost astrologers in the world. She worked with two editorial teams in the USA and Europe to develop and install the platform to generate custom horoscopes for her readers. A number of titles have been developed as a result, with ongoing popular demand from around the globe. Each book is unique and printed on demand one-book-at-a-time. Each book ships from the binder directly to the shipping address anywhere around the globe.

AmericaDirectBook.com is working with one of the most advanced and sophisticated printers in the print-on-demand industry in the USA. It is committed to operating with no waste, no inventory. Books are printed on demand to customer's specifications. Books are bound and shipped directly from the binder in Pennsylvania to the customer.

AmericaDirectBook.com is committed to high integrity with its service providers, customer privacy and business practices. It uses the PayPal payment services for customer credit/debit/bank card payments to make sure payments are secure. Our testimonials attest to a high degree of customer satisfaction.