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 My Personal Horoscope Baby/Child Edition by Susan Miller

My Personal Horoscope for Baby/Child

By: Susan Miller

Price: $59.99
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My Personal Horoscope for Baby/Child
Capture your child's uniqueness... Children do not come with an instruction leaflet, but My Personal Horoscope Baby/Child Edition can provide you with something as good, or perhaps even better! With this insightful, informative book, learn about the child’s unique birth chart at the precise time of birth to ensure you make the best of her or his natural potential. This My Personal Horoscope version will be written for babies and children up to 18 years old.

Discover how the position of the Sun explains your child's individual personality traits and characteristics, how the moon impacts your child’s emotional development, and how your child’s Ascendant (Rising sign) reveals how they will communicate with others.

A look at what you’ll find out:
  • Your child’s distinct birth chart with the position of the stars at the exact moment of birth.
  • A complete description of your child's unique personality and path to a successful life.
  • Early characteristics and later developments that your child will exhibit.
  • Your child's special moods and emotions.
  • Demystification of myths surrounding your child's birth sign.
  • How your child's position in the family may affect their personality.
  • How your child's development may be influenced by their parents' star signs.
My Personal Horoscope Baby/Child Edition is a beautiful, full-color, 60-page keepsake edition with a quality soft cover. The book contains the child’s own personalized birth chart and her or his name throughout the book and on the colorful soft cover and spine - pink for girls, blue for boys!



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The perfect personalized gift:
Why not gift a personalized My Personal Horoscope Baby/Child Edition to a grandchild, nephew, or niece, or to the children of special friends? You can include a custom message of up to 30 words that will appear on the title page: a great feature for that special child. Simply select 'Add custom message' on the order form and enter your message in the Custom Message field.

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