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 My Personal Horoscope Relationship Edition by Susan Miller

My Personal Horoscope™ Relationship Edition (both your names printed on cover)

By: Susan Miller & Marliska Gerrard

Price: $54.99
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My Personal Horoscope™ Relationship Edition (both your names printed on cover)

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Custom Written for the Two of You... Discover unique and personal insights into your relationship! Our relationships are the most personal experiences of our lives. Why do we feel attracted to some people but not to others? What makes our relationship work? Synastry is the astrological tool that provides deep insight into your relationship by comparing each of your individual horoscopes.

The placement of the main planets of your horoscope are shown in the horoscope of your partner, and vice versa, showing how they interact in your relationship. You will learn more about the meaning of these planets as well as finding out the specific influences they have on your relationship. Synastry not only celebrates your unique ways of relating to each other but can also offer new ways of relating to your partner and solutions to possible relationship issues.

This beautiful couples' book combines your and your partner's individual horoscopes. You'll discover the nature of your involvement, what you have in common and your interactions on many levels. Each book contains your personalized birth charts and horoscopes. Both your names are on the cover and spine and featured throughout the book. A perfect gift for the wedding couple or anniversaries. Written for traditional as well as gay couples. Soft cover, 64 pages, full color printing on high quality stock.



My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast™ - Featured Image
  • Two birth charts that show the position of the stars at the exact moment of your birth
  • What brings you together
  • How two individuals interact
  • You and your relationship
  • Your relationship with your partner
  • Living together in harmony
  • Emotional expression
  • How your temperaments interact
  • Understanding and sharing each other’s feelings
  • Communication within your relationship
  • How to deal with situations you both experience
  • Personality descriptions of each of the twelve signs
  • The twelve houses of the zodiac
  • Option to write and include your own message
  • Option to include your own digital picture



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Order “My Personal Horoscope™ Relationship Edition (both your names printed on cover)” today for $54.99!

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