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 The Year Ahead 2018 Astrological Desk Planner (Standard)

The Year Ahead 2018 Desk Planner (Standard)

By: Susan Miller

Price: $24.99
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The Year Ahead 2018 Desk Planner (Standard)
  • Includes Susan's complete astrological content of her Year Ahead 2018 Wall Calendar.
  • The Planner includes 14 original illustrations made for the 2018 Wall Calendar by renowned illustrator Izak Zenou.
  • A 190-page weekly journal for keeping track of your calendar for 2018. Comes with a ribbon.


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  • Each month opens with one of Izak Zenou's illustrations and an overview of the month, followed by weekly spreads for the month with Susan's complete astrological comments on all important planetary aspects of 2018 on the date the aspect occurs.
  • Many American, British, and international holidays are listed.
  • Your Desk Planner measures 6"x9" in hardcover weekly journal format; 4-color throughout.
  • Comes with a strudy Ribbon.

Order “The Year Ahead 2018 Desk Planner (Standard)” today for $24.99!