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 Susan Miller - The Year Ahead 2017 Wall Calendar

The Year Ahead 2017 Astrological Wall Calendar - NOW $9.99 only!

By: Susan Miller

Price: $9.99
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The Year Ahead 2017 Astrological Wall Calendar - NOW $9.99 only!
A personal note from Susan Miller about her calendar:
This year’s calendar is especially beautiful, and I am so excited to show it to you. After an exhaustive search, I selected Rebecca Moses, a visionary designer, artist, and illustrator for my Year Ahead 2017 Astrological Calendar. Rebecca lived in Italy for 20 years and fairly recently moved back to her native New York City. She is a favorite artist of Vogue Italia. Rebecca’s illustrations also appear in Marie Claire Italia, Vogue Japan, Vanity Fair Italia, Elle Japan, Elle China, and Germany’s ICON magazine. Her art is strikingly unique and the colors she uses are rich and saturated. Rebecca and I worked together to make sure the portrait of each sign used in the calendar art would be astrologically correct.

What people say about the calendar: Click here

Why You Need My Calendar:
Dear reader, all the advice you will read on your Year Ahead 2017 Astrological Calendar was calculated, interpreted, and written by me, Susan Miller, using clear, easy-to-understand language. This is an annual product that I enjoy doing. It usually takes five to six months to complete, including double and triple checking all that I wrote. The calendar is set for West Coast US time, for using that time frame will also include the East Coast, South America, and Europe. If you live in Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, for example, in each case add one extra day from the date stated on the calendar. Europeans will have approximately one extra half day beyond the date listed to take advantage of the aspect. Keep in mind that an aspect is always strongest as it builds and then begins to become gradually weaker after it reaches its apex. As you see, everyone, no matter where you live, has time to take advantage of the aspects listed here.
Once you have the calendar, you will know about all the important planetary aspects of 2017 on the date the aspect occurs to help you plan your key initiations. Having the perfect dates at your fingertips to schedule such things as your important job interviews, presentations, parties, charity benefits, first dates, purchases, and more is a big advantage to creating a productive, successful life. 
You will also know the dates each planet will go retrograde, and hence, become weaker, and also the date the planet will go direct—that is, the day it will normalize its orbit. You will also know about the four eclipses of 2017, two due in February and two due in August. You will know the outlook for all the new and full moons throughout the year with specific reasons why a full moon may be difficult or a new moon might be gloriously good for you.
Use your calendar in conjunction with your free monthly AstrologyZone© reports, and my app, Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscopes available on IPhone, Android, and Samsung. (Long, detailed scopes are available by subscription on my apps for as low as $4.99 a month.) For those who prefer getting their daily horoscopes by email or pulling their daily horoscopes from a beautifully designed, password-protected portion of my website, AstrologyZone®, you have that option too by subscribing to DailyAstrologyZone.com at the same cost as the premium app.
You will know in advance what I will discuss in my monthly reports (and daily horoscopes too) by simply having a look at what I wrote on the dates of your calendar.
Your calendar has 13 months: January 2018 is included.
Most American, British, and Canadian holidays are listed. 
Your Wall Calendar measures 14"x24" when fully opened'; the same size and great quality as in previous years.


Wall Calendar 2017 Feature Image
All About Shipping Options
  • Your calendar will be shipped from my Publisher, Arthur Heydendael of AmericaDirectBook.
  • The Wall Calendar will ship to all destinations where mail is delivered. Place your order now. PRICE (reduced by 45%) $9.99 plus shipping and handling via Priority Mail to addresses in the USA and by International Priority or First Class Mail to foreign countries in a sturdy, flat mailer to protect the beauty of the calendar. New York Sales tax will be added to those readers based in New York as required by law.
  • Depending on your shipping address outside the US, we offer First Class Mail or Priority Mail. The option for shipping with tracking is also available on the order form.
  • Shipping costs for one or two copies will be the same. Said another way, the extra cost for the extra weight for shipping a second calendar along with the first one will be waived.
  • "The Year Ahead 2017 Astrological Wall Calendar" is ONLY available on AstrologyZone®, at the AmericaDirectBook store, and on Susan’s apps under “Go Shopping.” Susan’s calendar is not available in stores and not available on online booksellers. When you buy a calendar for yourself or as gift, you support AstrologyZone.
Published in the USA by AmericaDirectBook, publisher of Susan Miller's beautiful "My Personal Horoscope" personalized books that you have come to know and love.
For questions, write Arthur@AmericaDirectBook.com
Or call Arthur at 914.271.3640 #11
Author & Copyrights: © Susan Miller, AstrologyZone®
Illustrations: ©Rebecca Moses
Artist represented by: TRAFFIC-NYC.COM
Design Editor: Pat Devlin
Design Studio: Michelle Roque
PO Box 946, Ossining, NY 10562, USA
Publication Date: November 2016
ISBN-13: 978-0-9838609-7-6
U.S./Canada $17.99 plus shipping  (and applicable sales tax for NY State destinations only)
Printed in the USA
AstrologyZone® is a Federal Trademark of Susan Miller.
For entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved.


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