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Now discounted to $6.99, down from $24.99!

This 20th Astrology Zone Anniversary Special Edition features fourteen original illustrations by renowned illustrator Izak Zenou. It includes a 60-page pocket size calendar with the same illustrations at no extra cost for all customers ordering online. The Wall and Pocket calendars are shipping now!

Short Description

This 60-page pocket size calendar is a compendium to the 20th Astrology Zone Anniversary Special Edition of the 2016 Wall Calendar for all customers ordering online via Astrology Zone or AmericaDirectBook. The content from the Wall Calendar has been edited down by 70% to fit the pocket size format and contains only the bare astrological essentials. Susan writes about the important planetary aspects of 2016, on the date the aspect occurs, to help you plan your key initiations, each with explanations that are easy to understand.